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I think I just made Violet quit. I'm such a bad manager, but it feels so good.

I didn't even initiate it, so ha!

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Holy shit, that's crazy. I've had a few problems with Violet, so I'm pretty familiar with how she takes constructive criticisms and follows instructions. And that is... not too well.

WHat happened?

Oh and BTW, I tried to call Jeremy to beg him to cover my shift on Saturday, but his phone just gave me a message saying that he's chosen not ot accept incoming calls :/. Could you possibly ask him to call me sometime after 5 p.m. today? Or guilt him into working for me?

*fingers crosses*

Or I could possibly ask Annette. I'm pretty sure the shift is still available.

I told her to stop watching the water drain in the sink, then I told her that she needs to mop behind the bain as well as the rest of the lobby, and she snapped when she picked up the paperwork with "well, I don't know why I have to do this, since I'm quitting tomorrow anyway."

I clocked her off and told her to stop wasting my time and just leave. She didn't say a word after that. :P

And Jeremy didn't pay his phone bill, so his phone was shut off, but I Annette mentioned something about it today while I was in the store earlier. I think she's warming up to the idea, if that's any consolation.

LOL, you told her to stop watching the water drain, lololololol! Bravo!

SHe threatened to quit one day when I asked her to help me make a party platter, but I didn't take her seriously and she stuck around. I thinkj she just expected that we wouldn't make her do that stuff if she protested. But if she quits, then so be it. I'll put the word out whenever we start hiring again.

HAH. You'll always have a job for me!

You's my ho.

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