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wow, those poor kids
My mother called me yesterday to tell me her dying wish because of her (lately) intense fear of dying. She wants me to have a teaching position before she dies.

Oh, it gets better.

I'm apparently taking my test in either September or November to be certified as a secondary school teacher in Oklahoma. When I told her this, she started crying big Korean blubbery tears and went on about how she's going to die soon. I'm not being nonchalant about the dying thing, since she's been thinking that she has been since I was five years old, but still.. I have to respect the dying wish, right?

So it's Ms. Pool to you, maybe.

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your love for her shows more than you think it does

I know.. I do love my mother. That's why I'm doing this, I guess.

And I'll be sending you an email soon, promise. ;)

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