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So, updating, again: the crap.

I quit my job and I have another one. If you want to know, ask.

I'm cool, in general. Cliff and I tend to drink a lot, but that's what roommates are for, right?

Tell me something about yourself.

Addendum: Wilco is my favorite drunk music.

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You make me know, down there.

Hey Plan B is over-the-counter now!

I didn't say have copious amounts of sex and get impregnated with the hellspawn that would surely sprout forth from my womb, unless that comment is part of the "tell me something about yourself," in which case: Z-OMG.

My contraceptives are knives anyway.

ok i'll put it like this then

I just found out Plan B is over the counter now!

(Deleted comment)
Whatever, you got it from that Chilean hooker on 2nd street.


thanks for drinking without me.... bitch.

You're more than welcome to drink with me. :(

turn that frown upside down babe girl! next time I'm free I'm calling your ass!

I want to know your new job! I'm best friendless.

Yes, indeed. We want to know your new job. My new job is at a bank.

What's that, Steve? Best friendless?

I work at Target now. I think that's about it. They schedule me to come in at 6am,'s a job.


WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Where is Tiffanie? I have images of Tiffanie and Cliff run off to elope in Vegas while Jonathan has joined a transvestite show"girl" revue. plz reply or I'll have to stalk you at Target! *cry*

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