I think I just made Violet quit. I'm such a bad manager, but it feels so good.

I didn't even initiate it, so ha!

who showers anymore?
Oh yeah, the journal thing.

Idaho came and went without any major hitches, save for the constant falling/rolling down mountains. Suffice it to say, I think I may never have been meant to be strapped to a board (or two) and sent to careen haphazardly down dubious bunny slopes. I did, however, have fun when I learned how to get back up and finally make it down the entire way.

I was introduced to World of Warcraft in Idaho also, and my life is technically currently in motu esse. I really should have waited until May, but the shiny outweighed the practical. So, if you see Sievasi (alliance) on Greymane or Isenae (horde) on Kael'thas, give me gold or something. :P

But otherwise, I've been drinking free wine for the past three days, thanks to a non-wine drinking coworker who found a stash in her house. If I can't complain about that, then really, what can I complain about?

Milosevic finally kicked the bucket. I don't know how I feel about this, with his trial still ongoing and all, but damn...he's been sort of a point of unnecessary obsession for me.

I drank 33/34ths of a bottle of shiraz last night, and surely, is it kicking my ass now. It's the start of spring break though, and I ain't gon' do shit until the flight on Monday. I can't wait to express my sheer lack of skill when it comes to maintaining balance, especially with my feet strapped to a piece (or two) of wood. Being in a different part of the country should be nice too, as the seclusion could do well for hauling into an extreme never touched so I can finish my presentation and be done with it. I suppose there's no turning back now, considering I already ordered my announcements and cap and gown. Here's to not failing. :P

damned last word freaks :P

I was reading the CNN headlines on my phone, and lines longer than my screen scroll by at a pace that is equivalent to the release of Guns 'n Roses Chinese Democracy (and I wonder: did I really just go there?). The first headline read "Hundreds flee new rash of Oklahoma..."

Commence: "there's a RASH attributed to Oklahoma?" Although it didn't seem too unreasonable, I changed my mind and concluded it was H5N1 and that I was going to die. Luckily, it's just the raging fires...in Duncan.


I think I should have picked a better topic for my capstone presentation. If anyone else is interested though, feel free to ask me about the decline of rhetoric and, more specifically, oratory documented in Tacitus' Dialogus de Oratoribus. Ten points to the person who doesn't catch narcolepsy.

don't apologize
if I've been touchy latelyCollapse )

Anyway, that’s just something I needed to get off of my chest. But one last thing, if Bryce is actually reading this: you better be waving a white flag ten fucking feet in the air if you ever need anything again, and even then, think about it long and hard.

On a lighter note, Dick Cheney shot someone.

common cold woes
My fish bit it; or rather, some drunk dude bit my fish. Either way, Bizzell is dead now, hopefully causing the guy some bitching indigestion. I'm hoping to bury the fish bowl next to OU's library (which Bizzell was named after), but I might need some accomplices and watchouts so I don't get, you know, expelled three months before I graduate. I'm open for other suggestions as to where I should bury the thing, as another fish in the bowl would only remind me of the fish-that-was, prompting a mix of rage, sadness, and WHY-THE-FUCK-WOULD-SOMEONE-EAT-SOMEONE-ELSE'S-PET.

If he, not in right mind, comes around again, I'm going to walk up to him with a knife and calmly explain that I'm going to extract the remnants from his body. Hopefully, he'll get the point (har har).

It's been a bad weekend at the townhouse, and it's not just the fish. Between recurring nightmares about smoking cigarettes and a roommate confrontation, I've been trying to retain some semblance of sanity. Yes, I know: you're not sane! Bite me, in a non-fishlike manner.

Also, if I hear "dame mas gasolina" one more time, I'm going to eat somebody's hands.

update for my own benefit
So, the Kaplans lost their goddamn minds and now I'm the store manager. Jonathan likes to call me the "last resort manager" because, in their desperation after going through other people and not wanting to skip through the management ladder, I guess I was.

And no, you're not getting free sandwiches. I have to set a good example or something, regardless of the fact that everyone there (except one) has seniority on me. But sweet, sweet power beckons...

Jeremy is so cute. When we were drinking the other night, I told him that his last name was very northern European. He said it was because most of his family is from Canada. I just patted him on the arm and smiled.


What Is Your Battle Cry?

Zang! Who is that, striding along the wasteland! It is Corrosive, hands clutching gilded boxing gloves! She screams vengefully:

"You in some shit now, muhfuh! I plunder like a mad dog who can only get madder!!!"

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today we're starting to use dreamweaver!
At least the Digital Divide grants me the opportunity to read, in chronological order, the biography of each Roman emperor on wikipedia. I'm on Otho.

Thank god for computer-aided classes.

my last semester EVAR (unless i go to grad school)
Having classes on only Monday and Wednesday is awesome(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

My Digital Divide class panned out pretty well, with us learning about software, information technology and having to build a Africa-related webpage as the final. Greek was like it always is (YAY HOMER), but my Capstone class is really scary. On the upside, we're learning hieroglyphics next week, and will be expected to write them out with fancy calligraphy pens.

But really, he expects us to do a 20-minute presentation at the end of the semester. I can barely hold a conversation for three.

Then Asian history, but blah blah, I'm already Asian enough. After all, I knew Pyongyang was the capital of North Korea.

I know, dumb update, but most of them are. :D


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